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Child Support Attorney in Lake Bluff, Illinois

Innovative Approaches, Proven Results

While the state of Illinois and the Libertyville, IL surrounding region have rigid numerical guidelines to determine child support payments, it’s still beneficial to have an experienced child support attorney on your side to walk you through the process. The Law Offices of Kenneth M Devaney PC can explain how to file for child support, and ensure that you’re receiving a fair, appropriate amount. If you’ve been ordered to pay child support and want to challenge the amount, trusted child support lawyer Kenneth Devaney will carefully walk you through the proceedings.

A Child Support Attorney, Providing the Answers You Need

Questions and complexities can often arise in child support cases. If you’re seeking guidance and clarification on your rights based on your unique situation as a parent, contact The Law Offices of Kenneth M Devaney PC for personalized service to ensure that your needs are being met.

How to File for Child Support

At The Law Offices of Kenneth M Devaney PC, we understand that each parent’s situation is unique, and at times complex. We’ll explain how to file for child support to guarantee optimal results that allow you to carry on smoothly with your life. We are happy to provide free, confidential consultations and case evaluations.